Finding a church: A Parable.

by Elias Blum

There used to be this great restaurant in town. The food was good, healthy, tasty, organic – and beautifully served in a pleasant ambience. I used to go there for brunch every sunday. Then I discovered that there was a war going on in the kitchen; some of the staff didn’t like cooking that amazing healthy brunch menu, and wanted to go back to serving nothing but stodgy fry-ups. So they started to sabotage the place, making it unsanitary and a health-hazard to eat there. Eventually the manager/head chef was driven out, and the place has gone straight downhill.

So, I tried this other place. It wasn’t the same. Some of the food was a bit pre-packed, mircowaved, and boil-in-the-bag, but it was nicely served and edible enough if you’re hungry. But today, there was broken glass in my food – big shards of broken glass! I tried to pick around it as best I could, but it really prevented me from eating it. I left most of it on my plate (but, of course, I’m too polite to complain, and other diners seemed to be lapping it up without any problem, so maybe I’m just picky). Now I’ve got an empty belly and a cut lip.

The cut lip will heal. And fortunately, the fridge is full of food, and I can cook. So lonely home cooking it is.

But I wonder what would happen if, instead of being forced into the binary choice of going to a bad restaurant or cooking at home alone, we could all get together and have a friendly pot-luck, or a big cook-out on the beach.