Value Politics

by Elias Blum

“If I had a criticism of the church today, it is that we desperately need that prophetic voice in the public square. We need people speaking up for a different set of values – that says there are values beyond the material – we are more than the sum of contracts, markets and exchange. And in that sense there is a desperate need, I would argue, for the upholding of those non-material values – the belief that actually the equal worth of each human being needs to be celebrated and recognised  in our economic system and in our organisation of society.” (Douglas Alexander – Labour, Paisley & Renfrewshire South).

This is not an endorsement of Douglas Alexander or the Labour Party. There’s much about his voting record, the record of the Labour party in office 1997-2010, and the policy of the current Scottish Labour party on important issues like civil liberties, the constitution and Scottish independence, that I deeply disagree about. But still, he makes a good point that needs to be made, and it’s encouraging to see some traces of the Christian Left still kicking around out there – and maybe, even, in the wake of the financial crisis, twitching with the rebirth of new life.