Dr Ruckman strutting his stuff.

by Elias Blum

I could not let this gem pass without comment:

(1) Some people actually believe this nonsense. I suppose believing in magic resurrecting zombie-deities is a gateway drug into this madness.

(2) Some of them even manage to get themselves into positions of power and influence, where they can inflict the destructive consequences of this warped worldview on people (“Clean up the environment and build a sustainable and socially just economic system? No thanks, the Rapture’s coming soon! Let’s nuke Iran!).

(3) Others, although not in such positions of power, vote. I call these hapless dupes the ‘Armageddon enablers’. They are probably more deserving of pity than scorn. Fortunately, most of them are in the USA, which means they don’t have much influence on elections here. They do, however, have influence on the folks with all the nukes. That worries me.

(4) He’s quite talented with the chalk. Could have really made something with his life. Maybe been an art teacher or something.

(5) I have no idea what the nazi solider’s helmet is doing in the bottom left hand corner. Is it a sign?