The Devil’s Money

by Elias Blum

The devil has the money.

That’s a fact.

If you want the big money, you have to work for the devil.

Suddenly, what were stones turn into delicious loaves.

And the power, too. The devil will take you to the top of a high tower, where you can look down on and rule over people. That must be fun.

For a while.

The devil is also easy to spot. His words are always ‘goal orientated’ (not relationship orientated) and ‘focused on results’ (not focused on people).

And that’s how he rules the world.

That’s how he enslaves and destroys.

But, in the meantime, he gives you a BMW.

With leather seats, if you are lucky.

EDIT: Some people have read this and said to me, ‘Wait… you believe in the devil?! But how can you believe  in the devil and be a liberal, progressive Christian? It makes no sense.’ So, to clear up the confusion, I do NOT believe in the devil, certainly not in any literal sense. I am simply using the idea of the devil as a well-worn and easily accessible literary device, as a representation of the allure of evil. One can engage with an imaginative story, with a myth-than-gives-meaning, without having to think it is, in any hard, factual sense, true.