People who are ‘wrong’ on the internet

by Elias Blum

I don’t always try to correct people who are wrong on the internet, but when people are wrong about Scottish independence, I will try to convince them with as much intellectual force and passion as I can muster.

I will do so because the fate of millions of people, for generations to come, is at stake. The health education, prosperity, well-being and life-chances of many millions depend on freedom and good government; and freedom and good government depend on a Yes vote in 2014.

If people run away from this opportunity we have, if they flinch or falter, then we are consigning ourselves not to ‘the status quo forever’ (which might seem like a tame, safe option), but rather to the abandonment of our sovereignty, the erosion of our hard-won democratic powers, and the continuation of London-rule and of the oligarchic hegemony of the Westminster political establishment. That means things will get worse for all but a tiny slice of the rich at the top of the pie.

We have one shot at a new start and a change of trajectory. We have one  way of setting our sights on something better than the dystopia of life in the dried up husk of a rotting empire. That way is by voting Yes in September 2014. We cannot afford not to take it.

This referendum is ultimately a choice not between Scottish and British identities, but between two political and constitutional futures. A vote for Yes is a vote to become a citizen, to be a member of a self-governing community which aims at the common good, to be part of building a better society for all of us. A vote for No is a vote for subjecthood, for remaining part of an corrupt, oligarchic, selfish, duplicitous and immoral empire-state that serves the private and particular interests of a privileged few.

My plea to fellow Scottish voters is this: Don’t be a nay-sayer. Don’t collude in subjection. Have faith, have courage, have hope. We can build a better country. It all starts with YES.

If you are unsure, read the White Paper ‘Scotland’s Future’. Contact the Yes campaign – ask them hard questions. Don’t let ignorance or fear cause you to make a decision that future generations will regret.