Say YES to a better Scotland

by Elias Blum

I will be voting Yes in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum:

  • to achieve democratic justice and equality for Scotland,
  • to facilitate progress on social inequalities,
  • to achieve a written constitution enshrining rights and responsibilities,
  • to heal and transform deep issues associated with individual and community dis-empowerment,
  • to nurture more successful, aspirational, happy and generous individuals and communities,
  • to explore the potential of Scotland’s renewable energy capacity,
  • to achieve more welcoming and compassionate immigration policies,
  • to be open and welcoming to ever greater diversity in Scotland, and to see diversity as a necessary and enriching strand of Scottish life,
  • to further extend Scotland’s educational and research excellence,
  • to strengthen local democracy across Scotland,
  • to more strongly support Scottish arts and culture in its distinctiveness,
  • to free Scotland of nuclear weapons,
  • to allow Scotland to have its own distinctive international relations according to its history and needs, and
  • to position Scotland as a force for good in the world through soft power, cultural exchange and peaceful co-existence.

A Yes vote will allow Scotland to flourish according to its own values, aspirations and vision, and it is essential that Scotland’s political culture is fully aligned with its values, aspirations and vision, and that will be the best possible foundation for Scotland to fully play its part in the world.

A Yes vote will allow Scotland to address its own distinctive needs, and to adopt policies suited to addressing those needs across all areas of governance affecting Scotland. Addressing those needs is a necessary pre-condition for Scotland to flourish, and to realise its great potential.

By nurturing self-respect, democratic empowerment, and health and well-being at home in Scotland, Scots can then contribute to being the change that many of us want to see in the world, though our own example.

A Yes vote is a necessary first step to facilitate such opportunities, change, transformation and deep healing.

The time for YES is NOW!


(Words from Neill Walker, South Queensferry. I couldn’t say it better myself).