Quote of the day:

by Elias Blum

One of the things I like about Reddit is that sometimes a random stranger says something wonderfully profound:


“I don’t think the Jesus presented in the Gospels wanted to be worshiped as a god. In fact, he consistently denied he was The One. The gospels are one long story of misogyny, suffering, brutality and hatred and we have Jesus standing in the middle of it all trying to get people to understand they were living in a fucked up world – but it didn’t have to be that way. Over and over again people indicated to him that they recognized the world was fucked up, but no one was willing to take a stand to change things unless The One Messiah came along and told them to. Supernatural authority was absolutely vital in those days.

In the end, Jesus could see the writing on the wall, so he just went “Fuck it. OK dudes, I give up, you got me. I AM the Messiah. I am ORDERING you to stop all this hatred and cruelty and start treating each other with love and respect. IN THE NAME OF GOD!!” and finally everyone listened to him. Listened so well that the powers-that-be had him nailed to a tree to make him shut the fuck up.

Was Jesus the literal Jizz-of-God? Unlikely. Was Jesus a guy who was willing to do what it took to make the world a better place, including making the ultimate sacrifice of his life? Yes, he was. He was that dude who was willing to go all the way for his beliefs. As long as the world has suffering and injustice we would do well to follow his teachings until a better teacher comes along. I say all this as a boring 40 something Church Lady who’s best guesstimate is that about 70% of the congregation (including the minister) feel exactly the same way. The other 30% are either atheists with nothing better to do on a Sunday morning and religious nutjobs.”

Well said, FtangFtangOleBiscuit.