After the referendum

by Elias Blum

I’m still too numb and disappointed to write, but I had to share this:

“I keep getting drawn back to the thought that people have some responsibility for not understanding what was at stake and how it could all have been so much better had we produced an astonishingly strong YES vote. However, throughout our lives we’ve been surrounded by that Scottish negativity, caution, diffidence, and paradoxical dogmatism; that unwarranted superiority of denial, of putting our children back in their places, of glorying in the virtue of defeat. We’ve got to overcome these deep-seated psychological problems every bit as much as we’ve got to become considerably stronger in defining the sort of society we are aiming to create and recover. This is not over, but if we do as our ancestors have done before us, we shall just let it all slip through our fingers, and produce some tragic songs about it to console ourselves with the masochism of salting our wounds.”

(Source: some guy on the internet.)