Why I’m a bloody, bleeding heart, leftie do-gooder.

by Elias Blum

Just sharing this.

Navel Cutbacks

I’ve been struck recently by some things on various radio phone in shows. No, not the type where Dave from Salford spends twenty minutes arguing with Robbie Savage about whether Manchester United’s defence is simply bad or totally appalling. I mean current affairs ones where, for the most part, the public interaction is actually via text or email.

The comments which have particularly grabbed my attention are these:

1) On a discussion about Ed Milliband’s leadership of the Labour Party he was accused of not speaking about aspiration enough.

2) In an item on asylum seekers in Calais trying to get to the UK, one texted said that most of them were economic migrants and that “do-gooder liberals” were lying about it.

3) A piece on historical sexual abuse claims laid the blame at “bleeding heart lefties”.

And these comments saddened me greatly. Not because they were made by people…

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