How to oppose a budget

by Elias Blum

This speech was delivered by an opposition parliamentarian, quite recently, in the context of a budget debate. I will not tell you which country. The fascinating, perhaps worrying, thing is that it is such a familiar tale – it could have come from almost anywhere:

It is a great misfortune in our country that 98% of the masses are held hostage by 2% of the ruling elite. The feudal, intellectuals, industrialists, senior bureaucrats, business tycoons – along with the land and money  barons – which  constitute  this  dreaded  to  2%  have  held  the  poor, meek,  humble,  oppressed  and  suppressed  98%  of  the  populace  hostage […].

All budgets in the past have therefore represented the privileged 2%  population and this one is no exception. They have always been feudal, industrial,  multinational bankers  and  business  oriented.  In spite  of  having  a  brilliant  financial  vision [….],  the  honourable  Finance  Minister , a  dream  team at the  helm  of  affairs,  a  heavy  mandate  and  ample  opportunity  the Government has  miserably failed to provide a budget that offers  any relief whatsoever to the poor or the middle class of the country.

It seems to be the Government found it impossible to break this strangle hold of the powerful ruling elite and the bureaucrats; it can only be claimed to be a budget  of the elite,  by the elite and for the elite, and it will only make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

Mr. Chairman! cries of anguish can be heard  at  the length and breadth of this fair  land of ours, while inflation marches relentlessly on and the people are desperately attempting to manage the personal budgets an  apparently  wild  and  apparently  merciless  Government  demands  more from the people than they have to give. How are the poor and the humble masses  suppose  to  manage  when  prices  are  not  controlled,  subsidies  are removed on consumer items and tariff on utilities used  by the poor are so harshly and heartlessly raised.