A light shines in the darkness

by Elias Blum

I am really excited by the idea that, as the darkness of winter gives way at this winter solstice to the slowly breaking light of coming spring, so likewise our world – so darkened by war, violence, oppression, fear, hatred, injustice, torture, exploitation, and environmental destruction – waits for the slowly breaking light of a messiah.

The evil powers, which seem so strong when they are fracking the life out of the planet, or kidnapping people to feed the torture chambers of the CIA, or locking up refugees in highly profitable detention centres, or trafficking women into prostitution, or sending troops against striking workers, have been disarmed by a messiah who comes in the form of a baby born to an unwed teenage mother from the wrong side of the tracks, whose way can change the world, whose truth can set us free, and whose life is now resurrected in us – despite all that the rich and the powerful did to try and stamp it out.

I find that a quite remarkable notion, and, on whatever level of historicity or mythological abstraction one believes it, there’s a kernel of hope and possibility in it. In the midst of all this reality of darkness, a kingdom of light has been, is being, and will be established.

Good yule!