Bad Religion

by Elias Blum

There’s an excellent little article [here] on why contemporary American Christianity would be unrecognisable to 1st century Christians.

But it’s not just Americans, I’m very sorry to say. In Europe and the rest of the world we are not entirely immune to such things. Indeed, the chances are that this brittle, shallow, capitalist, loveless, manipulating, commodified, militaristic, sanitised, hierarchical, xenophobic, doctrinaire, slickly packaged, narcissistic, graceless, hopeless, selfish, money-grabbing, judgmental, corrupt, pharisaical parody of christianity is probably on sale right now at a steeple-house near you. Flee from it.

Of course, this isn’t about finding a ‘perfect church’ or a congregation where everything is precisely as one likes it. (Those things don’t exist.) It’s simply a matter of re-assessing and returning to the core of Jesus’ Way . Christianity was supposed to be a commitment to a transformative way of life, not a religion, and the Church was supposed to be a movement, not a religious institution.