Magic Kingdom

by Elias Blum

If you haven’t read ‘The Magic Kingdom: Property, Monarchy and the Maximum Republic’ by Dan Hinds, get a copy and read it.

Dan Hinds is possibly the first English writer since Tom Paine to frankly expose how the British Oligarchy works, and how the monarchy, Parliament, the City, the BBC, the security apparatus, and the elite schools all sustain the same corrupt, parasitic, class of financial oligarchs – and why the lack of a proper Constitution is at the heart of it.

This is without doubt one of the best books I’ve read on the state of contemporary British politics. It is short, accessible and passionate. It also shows how the civic republican traditional of thought can provide both a damning critique of existing institutions and a potential way ahead.

He also – rarely, for a London-based writer – understands Scottish independence and what we were trying to achieve in the foundation of a new state.

Seriously, read this book.