Ruritanian Medievalist Nonsense

by Elias Blum

New Rule: From now on, whenever you hear or see the words, “the British Constitution”, you have to mentally replace them with “Ruritanian Medievalist Nonsense”.

e.g. 1. “There’s no need to reform Ruritanian Medievalist Nonsense, it works well as it is.”

e.g. 2. “Ruritanian Medievalist Nonsense provides stability and continuity.”

e.g. 3. “The Queen has lots of powers, but she does not actually use them, because Ruritanian Medievalist Nonsense says so.”

You get the idea.

(Although, I should add, that it always pains me a little to use ‘Medieval’ in a pejorative sense. We have a lot to learn from the middle ages.)