Seeing light in the darkness

by Elias Blum

“The first way we contribute to injustice in the world is to choose not to see it.” Danielle Strickland (co-author of ‘Just Imagine: the Social Justice Agenda’).

It’s really easy to close our eyes to injustice. Injustice is always ugly and hard to look at. And, if we open our eyes, we see too much injustice – so much that it overwhelms our senses. It can daunt us and freeze us into a sense of despair and inaction. I reckon the challenge is to see the injustice, but also to see the potential for resurgent and restorative justice shining through it; to see things as they are, but also as they might be. This is to acknowledge the reality, but never the finality, of injustice. That’s hope.