by Elias Blum

My wife: Shall we go to Starbucks?
Me: But surely they are an evil, money-grubbing, ecology-destroying, exploitative, tax avoiding corporation that is opposed to everything we stand for?
My wife: Yes, I agree. But on the other hand they have coffee! And chocolate brownies!
Me: Okay….

[A few minutes later, on arriving at the evil wicked Starbucks.]
My wife: Drat. It’s not open. It’s seven thirty and they won’t open to sell me a coffee! What does it take to get coffee in this country?
Me: Well, that’s capitalism for you. There’s some ‘effective demand’ right here in my pocket, and no supply to meet it. So even by capitalism’s own paltry standards it is, at best, only a mixed success.
My wife: Silence! This is no time for disquisitions on political economy. I’m mourning the loss of chocolate brownies.