Holiday photos (Spain, 2015)

by Elias Blum

Day 1. Flew to Madrid. There I got a taxi straight to the hotel where I was going to meet my wife. She’d been away for three weeks beforehand visiting her mother in France (she’s a teacher, so she gets longer summer holidays than I do). There are no photos from the first day: after three weeks of separation, all of our exploring and recreation took place solely within the confines of the hotel bedroom, and I’m sure you don’t want to see photographic evidence of that! 😉

Day 2. Breakfast in the sunshine. Enjoying good strong coffee and fresh orange juice. Route planning: You know you’ve reached an important milestone in life when, instead of reaching for the Lonely Planet, you pick up a Michelin Guide. Today Madrid to Segovia.

Alcazar at Segovia:


Another view of the Alcazar:11831682_10155993445140455_8292378974443014482_n

A monastery just outside the city walls of Segovia:11836677_10155993445285455_8236388908642682736_n

The Cathedral at Segovia:11846562_10155993445065455_3959948962896544317_n

The main square of Segovia:11846641_10155993445370455_8518740429666874421_nDay 3: From Segovia to Avila – the town that St Theresa came from. The town was having a 500-year anniversary of St Theresa, so it was all a bit commercialised with religio-tat. We had a few thoughts along the lines of throwing money-changers out of the temple. We ate very well at a little restaurant in a small courtyard in the middle of the old town.

Avila. The city felt a bit squashed and airless inside its walls. The best sights were looking out over the walls to the suburbs and countryside beyond:


One of the gates of Avila, from the outside looking in:


More of the outside of the walls of Avila. Because it was quite crowded inside the city, we went for a walk around the outside. Even there it was busy, but there was a bit more space:


One of the portals of the Cathedral in Avila: 11822754_10155996373975455_7271424186464050599_n

The hotel where we stayed in Avila – beautiful in every respect: 11846770_10155996373105455_8130813107888385120_n

The town hall in the main square of Avila – the civic architecture is almost as interesting (in its formulaic predictability) in the towns we visited as the ecclesiastical architecture):11800313_10155996371635455_7891237837568643339_n

The church of John the Baptist, Avila: 11822523_10155996370960455_7265720863505315776_n[Under Construction. I really should get around to adding the rest of the photos.]