Jeremy Corbyn: He must be getting something right if the Tories hate him that much

by Elias Blum

I’ll no doubt have much to say about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in the near future. I was going to wait until I had the time to write something more analytical and profound, but I’ve been prompted to write a quick response to the Tories’ horrific little slur-ridden attack adds on Corbyn as a threat to national security.

So, here are my initial reactions:

1. The Tories don’t waste any time, do they? They must be scared. They always fight dirty, but especially when they are scared. Maybe Corbyn is much more electable than the media would like us to believe?

2. The only real threat to our security comes from TTIP, fracking, privatisation, the low-pay-no-pay trap, cowboy crony capitalism, and an increasingly authoritarian and oligarchic political system that serves financial capital but not the common good. Those are the things that will really ruin your life, make your family worse off, and harm your community. And this is shameless on the day that the Tories ramp through a nasty little bill trying to dismantle whatever is left of trade unions, which were the one institution that did actually succeed in giving ordinary people some security in their lives.

3. Democracy requires a certain degree of civility, tolerance, willingness to hear the other side, and basic honesty. The gloves are off now. While we should strive so far as it is possible to live in peace with all men (a point, judging by the video, that Corbyn and I seem to agree upon), it’s also fair to say that this campaign has already transgressed the boundaries of democratic discourse, and that we need – while always being harmless as doves – to be as wise as serpents in our response.