From ‘identity politics’ to ‘class politics’.

by Elias Blum

This was posted on the facebook page of ‘The Church of the Working Class’, and I liked it so much I thought I’d share it here:

“It is high time the Left gave up the ghost when it comes to judging people based upon race or gender… and started taking class into account as a more accurate determining factor as to whether someone is likely an asshole or not.

White males from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds would really appreciate it if those academics working in the field of identity politics would once more adopt class analysis so they don’t have to continue to be made to pay the price for the sins of rich white men.

I think when you see a statistic that clearly shows that even white girls from the same economic backgrounds out perform white boys, one can deduce that the patriarchy, if it is not dead it is most certainly on its last legs. Yet for so many people…educated people, it does exist… much in the same way that for so many people , yes including educated people, the invisible hand of the marketplace will fix everything.”