Learning to make, mend and do things.

by Elias Blum

It would be great if the school curriculum could include:

1. Gardening (with an emphasis on growing fruit and vegetables).

2. Home economics (cooking, baking, budgeting, perserving).

3. Workshop (woodwork, furniture making, home electrics and plumbing, basic mechanics).

4. Seamstressing (sewing, knitting, mending and clothes-making).

5. Nursing (home remedies, first aid, care of the sick, child-care).

If we were all taught those things, I think we would be happier, healthier, more capable and more rounded people, and we’d live in a better society.  My proposal would be that morning lessons be taken up with academic subjects like maths, science, English, foreign languages, history, geography and philosophy, etc, and that afternoon lessons should be devoted to these practical skills, where knowledge is applied to the