Elias Blum’s Podcast Recommendations

by Elias Blum

I’m a big fan of podcasts. Podcasts are a great accompaniment to household tasks or to gentle exercise, because they occupy the mind while leaving the hands, eyes and body free for other things.

Here are some of the podcasts and internet radio shows that I listen to regularly, as well as some youtube channels that have videos that can be put on in the background (i.e. they can be listened to and don’t have to be watched).

There’s an inevitable weighting towards the sorts of subjects and issues that I am interested in, as well as a sort of left-wing Christian theme going on, so maybe not all of these will appeal to everyone. However I really would recommend In Our Time to people who are interested in humanity, regardless of faith or politics.


In Our Time

This is the best of the best, in my view. BBC Radio 4 series on politics, history, philosophy, religion, science culture – very broad scope and high quality guests. There’s a massive archive of about 500 episodes.



Diane Rehm Show

Mostly US politics, news etc, but some more global issues too. http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows


A bit lightweight, but some interesting things. Science, culture, technology etc.


Drew Marshall Show

Canadian Christian (but not in a scary fundamentalist way) chat show.


Non-Prophets Radio

Atheist / secular podcast, but interesting (mostly liberal) take on various issues such as education, science, church-state relations etc:


Facing the Canon

Anglican priest interviews people who have done pretty remarkable things (religion, charity, social justice etc).


Community Christian Church

Hippy-dippy lefty preaching of the highest order.


Yale Courses

You can sit in for free on a huge range of Yale lectures on all sorts of subjects and learn things.