Doing my civic cybernatic duty.

by Elias Blum

This morning I had to rebuke someone for being a British imperialist, an idolatrous fawning monarchist, and an unrepentant Tory of the most wicked and evil sort. He had pictures of that horrible Windsor woman with the silly hat and strange strangulated voice all over the place. He even had one of those despicable ‘Proud to be Scottish, delighted to be united’ banners, compared the SNP to Donald Trump, and spat out the word ‘separatism’ as if the right of a nation to democratically govern itself were a bad thing. I smote him with a verbal rod fashioned from his own smug arrogance and conceit. Then I sent him homeward to think again. I hope when independence does come my unstinting efforts will be rewarded with a medal or something, because all I really wanted to do was drink my coffee in peace.

[Note: This post contains a large dose of self-satirical mockery. I’m not really that much of a Crazy Cybernat.]