The times they are a-changin’

by Elias Blum

Two pillars of the right-wing agenda, privatization and free trade, come under critical scrutiny from two pillars of the right-wing agenda, Peter Hitchens and The Daily Mail.

Maybe now, finally, realisation is dawning that we were sold a lie, and that doctrinaire ideological commitment to privatization and free markets, regardless of the consequences or human cost, was a disastrous mistake. Particularly relevant, I think, is that here Hitchens cases his criticism on the corrosive effects of neo-liberal doctrines for those things that social conservatives hold dear: a sense of place and purpose, home, family and community, order and stability, national pride.

It just reaffirms my argument that you don’t have to be a bearded lefty or a smelly hippie to recognise that a dog-eared and discredited textbook of classical economics is no basis on which to govern a country