Status Update: Week Seven, Day Five.

by Elias Blum

1. The baby has been bathed, fed, and is now asleep.
2. I’ve caught up on my work emails.
3. The house is reasonably tidy.
4. The fridge and cupboards are full.
5. We’ve had a hot home-cooked meal in the last 24 hours.
6. We’ve both had enough sleep in the last 24 hours.
7. We’ve even managed to have sex without interruption.
8. The blocked sink and the broken door handles have been fixed.
9. We’ve done our finances and got all our urgent admin up to date.
10. The parts for my model railway have been delivered.
11. The washing machine has broken down, I’m wearing a T-shirt covered in dried baby vomit, and I smell like the back end of a dead badger.
12. Some of the above sentences are actually true. Especially number eleven.