In sympathy for Trump supporters

by Elias Blum

Twice I voted Obama

Like a poor-boy Democrat

Didn’t want Armageddon

Or any shit like that

And I’d still vote for Bernie

If he was in the race

But now I’m for Donald

And here I make my case


On September 11th

The whole world done changed

Now we got tribulations

And economic pains

We took out Osama

But fucked up in Iraq

I’m just glad that my brother

Didn’t come back in a sack


They closed down the factory

Where I worked for a while

But now I don’t worry

Face each day with a smile

Cos Fox News said Trump’s

Is gonna get re-elected

And that Mexican wall’s

Gonna soon be erected


Well I can’t afford health care

Hope I don’t take sick

But I’m sure it won’t matter

The world’s ending quick

And when rapture comes

In a golden Cadillac

I’ll be shoutin’ for ‘Murca!’

And I won’t look back