Waking up and smelling the coffee

by Elias Blum

So far, there has been at least one good thing to come out of the Trump election: some parts of the liberal left have begun at last to realise that they made a grave error when they gave up caring about the material economic condition of ordinary working people and decided to plunge into ‘culture-wars’ politics instead. We’ve all be wondering how the party of Abraham Lincoln became the party of Donald Trump, but it seems to be a fairly natural and inevitable response to the fact that the party of Franklin Roosevelt became the party of Hillary Clinton.

There are some very obvious parallels on this side of the Atlantic, too. The left needs to focus more on the bread-n-butter issues that most people worry about (jobs, wages, economic security, public services, tax burdens, cost of living, health, education, childcare) and less on ‘politically correct’ socio-cultural issues that just unnecessarily piss off most people (moaning about how ‘triggered’ they are by the ‘micro-aggression’ of ‘mansplaining’ in their ‘safe spaces’).

This isn’t to excuse racism, mistreatment of women, harassment of minorities, or anything like that. It certainly isn’t to say that Trump was a good choice. It’s simply that shouting ‘bigot’ at people who see their wages depressed, their jobs threatened, their local services closing and their towns turning into economic wastelands doesn’t actually help anyone.

I’ve been saying this for a long time. Perhaps it will take something as egregious as a Trump winning the US-presidency and being (still, just about) leader of the Free West to make leaders on the left wake up and smell the coffee.