On this day: 4 April

by Elias Blum

4 April 2016:

“Countries are like fish: they rot from the head downwards. They are also like barrels: all the bad apples float to the top. If only getting rid of this corrupt oligarchy were as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.”

4 April 2015:

“The British state is seeking to appear on the surface to agree to give Scots a free and democratic choice, while using every dirty trick to subvert that choice. Those tricks range from complete control of state and corporate media to the darker arts of the security services.”

4 April 2013: 

“Peckish. Went to kitchen, maybe to get a banana, or a bowl of cereal, or something like that. Discover, at the back of the fridge, some chicken that needs eating soon or will go to waste. Hmm. Chicken. Chilli, check. Peppers, check. Onions, check. Soft tortillas, check. Spices, check. Lime, holy-molly, check, there’s even a single, forlorn, lime hiding there. Right, that settles it. Midnight chicken fajitas it is.”

4 April 2010:

“I am to banjo playing what John Daker is to singing. Two hours of finger-ripping and deep concentration it still sounds like I’m throwing the banjo downstairs rather than playing it! There are semi-literate hill people in Georgia who have mastered this.”