Echoes of a past life

by Elias Blum

“As some of you will already know, I have decided to leave the Navy. There are various reasons for this decision, not least the fact that I’m fed up with living in a submarine. A life of heat, grime, sea-sickness, no sleep, and no showers, is simply not for me anymore. Besides, I joined the Navy to keep the West free, because I believe that freedom is a great and glorious thing which is worth fighting for. But the threats to freedom have changed, and I am no longer convinced that our free and civic way of life can be preserved by warships and submarines: we need to re-establish the value and primacy of freedom, enlarge our understanding of it, and not let this “war on terrorism” destroy the civil liberties that have made Western civilisation what it is. This was always my mission, and the mission remains unchanged. The only thing that differs is the method. No more militarism. Now I must shift my attentions to winning the intellectual, moral and ideological battle. That is why I have decided to do a PhD in Civic Republican Political Theory and become a politics lecturer. I will research, teach and write, and so leave a lasting testimony to liberty that might (perhaps) inspire reforms.” <– Me, in an email to a friend, 2005. 

The plan sort of worked out.