Husband Self-Assessment Questions

by Elias Blum

1. How are you with chores around the house? Do you tidy up after yourself?

2. Are you up to date with your household administration and finance responsibilities?

3. Are you making sure she gets enough rest and down-time?

4. How can you lighten her emotional load? Are you a listening ear to her? Do you empathize with her stresses and calm her fears?

5. How are you helping to build her up? Are your words encouraging, edifying and uplifting? Do you avoid criticism? Are you helping her to grow in confidence, maturity and virtue?

6. How often do you do things as friends, like going to do something she likes?

7. Do you make an effort to keep your sex life fresh and passionate? Do you make sure that it doesn’t become mechanical or selfish, and that you take care of her pleasure?

8. Are you doing at least your fair share of child care duties? What more could you reasonably do to make things easier for her?

9. Are you romantic with her? Do you make time just to appreciate each other? Do you share your hopes and dreams with her? Do you keep in mind the common purposes that you have together as a couple?

10. Think about the things you do (or don’t do) that annoy her – how are you breaking these habits?

11. Are you being strong for her when she needs you to be strong, gentle when she needs you to be gentle, and firm when she needs you to be firm?

12. Are you praying for and with her regularly?



  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. No attack, no defence.
  3. Assume goodwill.
  4. No-fault apology.
  5. Don’t go to bed angry.