Evil Wicked Tories (with numbers)

by Elias Blum


Are these figures real? I don’t know. I have no way to independently verify them. It looks like a bit of spurious accounting by the Tories that has been debunked.

But even if these figures were real, they wouldn’t show much. Unless one can identify how the money is spent, they are meaningless. The figures alone say nothing about the quality, the effectiveness, the intent or the direction of the spending. They don’t say who benefits from it. They don’t reflect anything of the legal and policy rules in which the spending is embedded. The only two figures that say something about outcomes are the GDP and unemployment figures, which depend a lot on cyclical economic patterns anyway, and would probably have improved over time under any imaginable government.

More to the point, there are key figures missing that do tell us something useful: poverty rates, especially child poverty and in-work poverty rates, median household incomes, hospital waiting lists, libraries per capita, number of homeless people. On those sorts of measures, Tory policies have been savage. Wantonly, cruelly, unnecessarily and ideologically savage.

You don’t need to be a red flag waving lefty to recognise that while the top 1% of society has done very nicely thank you under the Tories, the vast majority have seen a stagnating squeeze, while those at the bottom have been given an absolute hammering.

Now you might decide that from the perspective of the people you know, that doesn’t matter – plebs will be plebs and are probably used to eating cold beans from a food bank – but I think it does matter, and yes, to ignore that is a kind of evil. Perhaps a mild, passive, kind, but evil nevertheless.