Getting my ambitions down

by Elias Blum

1. I’d like to make a difference on constitutional issues around the world, strengthening democracy, human rights, good governance etc.

2. I’d particularly like to make a contribution to the Scottish constitutional question, culminating perhaps in working on the actual constitution of an independent Scottish state.

3. I’d like to spread public knowledge of constitutional matters through my teaching and also through writing for popular audiences, in newspapers and blogs, and by doing radio and TV interviews.

4. I’d like, through my research and writings, to leave a lasting intellectual contribution to the field of constitutional studies.

5. By keeping myself informed, voting wisely, writing to representatives, and contributing to public debate, I’d like to make a positive contribution to the common good in a range of policy areas, especially with regard to health, education, poverty reduction and alleviation, worker’s rights, peace, and the environment.

6. In my teaching and mentoring, I hope to inspire and encourage others, both to pursue their studies and to use their knowledge for good.

7. I’d like to be a good local citizen of wherever I find myself, in little ways: picking up litter, helping people who look lost, buying locally where possible, etc.

8. I’d like to use my excess income to transform lives and reduce suffering, both through acts of charity for those in need and through financially supporting campaigns to end systemic causes of distress.

9. I’d like to be a good husband, good father, good brother, good uncle and good son.

10. I’d like to start my own Liberal Arts college, which goes back to the essence of a university as a ‘community of scholars’ and which focuses as much on character, leadership and values as it does on academic work.