The Death of Stalin

by Elias Blum

Nye Bevan News published a story earlier today in which they praised Stalin and the Red Army as ‘triumphs of socialism’. I’m sorry, but that’s the point at which they lose me.

The socialism I support abhors and rejects Stalin, Bolshevism, Soviet Communism, one-party states, show trials, purges and gulags. These things are not the logical extension of socialism (as some would falsely say) but the negation of it by dark, twisted parody.

A democratic, parliamentary socialism – a socialism that is founded upon human rights and constitutional freedom, a socialism that is rooted in Christian values and respects the inherent dignity and worth of every human being – that’s what I’m striving for.

If you are going to hero-worship Stalin, if you are going to see what happened in Soviet Russia as anything to do with the kind of socialism you support, then we are on opposite sides of a very important line.

(The same goes for idiots with Lenin badges, Trotsky t-shirts etc. It’s not cool.)