A Day in the Life of Elias Blum

by Elias Blum

I’ve been up since 0830 (should have been up at 0730, but slept through my alarm).

Managed to get my daughter to daycare and myself to work by 0930.

Spent most of the morning working mainly on an academic article about constitutions and stuff. Had a quick but surprisingly good lunch, then returned to my article.

At 1745 I went to pick up my daughter, and on the way did shopping – arriving home around 1900.

Discovered my wife was still sick (some bug, but she’s had it for a week and it’s not shaking off easily) and functioning at about 35% capacity.

Sorted out finances – I’d made a double payment by mistake from my Dutch to my UK account – while also somehow playing peek-a-boo.

By that time it was 2000. Time for supper. Ate. Was looking forward to it (steak), but it tasted funny and I think it was a bit off. Ate most of it but felt a bit queasy afterwards. My daughter tucked into banana, yoghurt, Wheetabix and sweetcorn – and seemed to have had a more satisfactory culinary experience.

More playing in the nursery. Tried to encourage and reassure my wife, who gets anxious and depressed when not well.

2130, put daughter to bed. She finally slept at 2245. It horrifies other Northern Europeans, but we are very Spanish about bedtimes.

Put the bins out (many, because last week I overslept and forgot, and they were a bit smelly because the temperature has picked up a bit).

Finally, at 2310, I was able to sit down and have a nice hot cup of tea in peace. And now I need to squeeze in an hour’s writing before bed.

Tomorrow I need to be up at 0700 because I have an early call with Myanmar. So plan on getting at best around 6, maybe nearly 7, hours of sleep.

None of this is either a brag or a complaint. It’s an insight into a typical day.