T-shirts: 3 for 10 Euros.

by Elias Blum

They make Che Guevara t-shirts
In Communist China, for profit
The owners get rich
The workers get exploited
And the people who buy the t-shirts
Have no idea what’s wrong
With their stupid pop-culture icons.

Bob Marley’s name crowns a hemp leaf
As if freeing your mind from mental slavery
Demanded nothing more than a puff of smoke
And barely a idle thought wasted
On those toiling in slave-like conditions
To harvest the cotton or weave it sweatshops
Into fashion statements of lazy radicalism.

Donald Trump’s piggy face, saying
‘Make America Great Again’
They don’t say who it’s gonna be great for
But it probably won’t be you
Unless you own a lot of stock
In the instruments of repression
In which case it’s tremendous.