Constitutional Resources

Constitutional Proposals for an Independent Scotland

Draft Constitution for Scotland, prepared by the Scottish Provisional Constituent Assembly (1962)

SNP_2002_text – Prepared by the SNP under the guidance of Prof. Neil MacCormick

‘A Model Constitution for Scotland’ (2011) – Prepared on behalf of the Constitutional Commission as part of an educational exercise.

Draft_Provisional_Constitution_Scotland_2017_annotated – A simple provisional Constitution, intended to be a technically sound but politically relatively uncontroversial ‘starter constitution’. It is based  on the Scottish Government’s 2014 Interim Constitution, the existing provisions of the Scotland Act, and elements of the SNP’s 2002 text.


Other Speculative Constitutional Texts (proposed, fictional, imagined, disputed)

Constitution of Rhodesia (1965)

Proposed Constitution for the UK (developed by the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons, 2015).

Catalan Declaration (unofficial English translation)    (Original Catalan text)

Catalan Transition Law (interim constitution) (unofficial English translation) 

Un projet de Constitution pour un Québec souverain

Constitution for ‘Ruritania’ (a thought experiment in anti-oligarchic constitutionalism).

Example of a Constitution for an English Republic

A fictional post-WWII Constitution for an English Republic (based loosely on Leo Kohn’s 1948 draft for Israel): englandrepublic2